Where will ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE happen?

ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE will be hosted on a football field located by the friendly neighborhood of Vredehoek at the Good Hope Seminary School.

What time are the ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE session start?

ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE doors will open at 9:00 am, So you can already get yourself by the entrance around 8:30 am to make sure that you don’t stay too long in line and have plenty of time for coffee or a light breakfast.

First session starts a 10:00 am sharp!

Do I need to be a Zumba dancer or expert to do this?

  1. You are there to have fun and if you like the sound of music and just want to spend great time with some friends and/or family. You can shake, and dance as you wish by following our instructors’ moves!

What is included with my ticket?

All Zumba attendees will have access to numerous Zumba Instructors from the entire western Cape to collect more info on all different Zumba Disciplines that are to your convenience around your neighborhood.

There will be two sessions that you can participate in. One for debutants and curious and the second one for those who are more accustomed to it. (Everyone can do both)

Your main instructor will be the one and only Lucas Mthenjane, the only Zumba instructor in the country who allocates Licenses to all Zumba instructors in S.A (Yes, he is the real deal)

All ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE attendees have access to the Lucky draws and Raffles for prizes including hampers, Restaurants, Trips, Concerts, week ends and Accommodation packages etc..

Is ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE a charity or a non-profit organization?

ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE is neither a charity nor a non-profit organization. ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE, is a “for profit” event, However ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE will raise funds through the event for the following Charity organization: Hope Cape Town

For details on our charity partnerships: Hope Cape Town


Can I raise funds for a charity? 

Of course! We’ve been about doing good and having fun ever since we started! As a for-profit event management company, we love the opportunity we have to partner with charities to help shine a light on their amazing work within society and highlight the causes they stand for.

This year we’re calling on all ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE attendees to help raise funds for this amazing charity organization who works so hard in our communities each and every day.

To help them further, you can just:

It is that simple to make a great impact!

What is the inspiration behind ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE?

Zumba is today the fastest growing sport and recreation discipline on the planet, and South Africa offers all the infrastructures to keep this discipline to grow further. It only made sense to us that combining a cause that is dear to us for the survival of mankind while having fun in an environment that is more about health and happiness should be the key to a great event with a great purpose.

We want ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE to be a catalyst to inspire continual healthy living with a smile while contribute to the life of those who suffer

Can I bring food and/or drinks?

No One will be allowed to bring drinks or food, as we need to have the school’s field under control with all recyclables or perishables. There will be cool drinks, coffee and energy drink by the bar at your disposal as well as vendors with yummy and healthy food for your pleasure.

Can children participate?

Of course they can, the more the merrier, if you are prepared to be one of the hippest moms/dads on the planet!  If they can dance, shake, walk and step for an hour with you, they can absolutely participate in ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE! What a great way to teach them how to share and care!

All kiddies under 15 will have a section where they can see closer to the stage and will have a pick up area where all parents can collect them, No children will be allowed to get in or out of the event unaccompanied. This for their safety of course

Can I Zumba with my dog/cat/turtle?

For the safety of our participants and animal friends, we do not allow animals at any of our Zumba sessions

How do I get my ticket?  How does that work?

Details on our Facebook Page or our website Tickets page, Just click on it In Party will be are posted to the city event page during the week of the race as well as emailed to all registered runners approximately 10 days before the event.

Is the theme color absolutely mandatory? 

This year’s theme colors are Purple and/or Pink, if you can have one or both of these colors, it would be nice, but again it is a free country, so don’t give yourself a headache about it, We are not there to judge,

Can spectators attend the ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE Finish Festival?

Unfortunately, it is not like running a race, so spectators can only be those who contribute to the event, we mean ticket holders for sessions on ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE

Are cameras and phones safe to have?

Our photographers are generally fine shooting from a medium distance of 10 meters, but feel free to use your cameras/phones to do selfies or you can also attend the photo booths that will be at your disposal. Regarding safety of your phone, Zumbathon For A Cause is not liable for any damage that might be done to your camera!

Are there refunds?

If an event is held as advertised, we cannot issue refunds.  The logistics of setting up and planning the event make it impossible.  Just make sure you are good to go before signing up.  If for some reason you can’t make it to venue on the day, Feel Free to share you ticket with a friend.

For more information on our refund policy, click here.

Can I transfer my registration to another person? 

You can swap out your ticket by contacting info@nutickets.co.za or call 011 880 2199.

What if I am pregnant?

It’s totally up to what you and your doctor decide.  We see a lot of pregnant mom do Zumba in classes and they are the cutest ones out there! just m ke sure that you rehydrate often an take some good sun protection.

What happens if there is bad weather?

A little rain won’t stop us, and will make it even more challenging! If there are major weather warnings in your city during the weekend of the event, check our website for weather updates, and stay tuned for emails.

In the event that severe weather does threaten the event, we have prepared some weather cancellation policies and guidelines. Click here to learn more.

What if I have a super sweet question that isn’t answered here?

Please click here to contact us and we will get back to you with an answer soonest.  If your question is awesome enough, we might even publish it right here on the official ZUMBATHON FOR A CAUSE FAQS page.

What if I am a Media/press member and would like to attend, cover the event?

If you are a member of the press, please click Here to get more info, set interviews, attend or cover the event.







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